About Us

Proyectos Maquetismos Constructivos is a company dedicated to the development of products especially focused on modellers or amateurs in the sector.

Our goal is  evolution, this is the way we use to raise every new project. A first step of analysis and research, design of the product, prototyping, study of the costs, etc. in order to proceed later on with production phase and industrial management. In parallel, step by step is being developed in our graphic design and photography department. Creation of the packaging according to the requirements of each product would be the final step.

The knowledge of our company covers a wide range of fields related to the wood industry, foundry and other materials. Thanks to our different technical and design knowledge, we may provide a complete service, specifically adapted to all phases of the project.

Apart of our main professional activity (fulfillment of models in hobby sector), we may also supply following services:

  • Scale models for architecture on technical scale
  • Designs for promotions in press
  • Development of products for publishers
  • Promotional stands
  • Laser cutting and engraving on wood, methacrylate, etc.

If you want to make a project come true  or you have an idea, we can help you to carry it out.



“We think that behind each project, there is a story, a great adventure made of small details. We want to help you to built that story”

A model is going to be originated through the successful combination of all its components, thank to a careful design, a virtuous composition of materials and the guided work of the person who performs it.


ProjectMC offers always something more!